"Baby and Me Online!" Classes

Socialize with other parents while discussing your baby's development via live video with THE BABY EXPERT in your PJs without leaving home!

 With Wendy Rohin, Pediatric PT ~ Everything Babies! LLC  

What's so great about these classes?



You get to ask ME, a prematurity and infant development expert, anything you want about your baby! Flat heads, feeding problems, fussy nights...I got you! Your baby hates tummy time! Not for long!! Let's rock this first year! Share your worries, fears, anxieties without judgement or mommy guilt! I promise you are not the only frazzled parent fretting over every little thing!


You don't have to "dress up," pack the diaper bag and the mini-van full of hooligans, drive clear across town to the babysitter, and then the hospital or clinic, 15 minutes late, hoping your baby will be marginally cute, happy and quiet for 10 more minutes, just to turn around and take 'em all back home again! 


Preemie Parents! You are not alone! You will meet and get to know other moms (and dads) of NICU survivors that are experiencing the same ups and downs, laughter and tears, worries and fears...and explosive poopie diapers and yoga pants covered in baby vomit....SOLIDARITY!

So what makes YOU so special, Miss "Baby Expert"?

I know! If I'm going to call myself the baby expert, I'd better have some stuff to back it up, right?  Well....Basically, I'm crazy about babies!

Hi! I'm Wendy Rohin, PT

I am a pediatric physical therapist with over a decade of experience specializing in prematurity and infant development! 

Parents that work with me go from feeling helpless and tired--stuck in their anxieties, fears and mommy guilt--to feeling empowered with knowledge and confidence to take action to help their babies have the healthiest, happiest lives while actually enjoying the precious moments of the present!

Hmmm...do you have any reviews?

Yep! Check out what these awesome moms have to say:

Tracee Chapman

Bennett and I have been attending Wendy's online classes for a couple of months now. When we started he could not tolerate any tummy time. With Wendy's personalized coaching and encouragement, we are enjoying multiple sessions of tummy time every day. She truly cares about my preemie and me. Interacting with other moms is a huge bonus! I look forward to working with Wendy every week!

Silver Pyanov

The online baby and me class is a great addition to our in-home and private physical therapy. Even as an experienced mom and someone with a lot of postpartum knowledge, having Wendy's professional input has been huge in helping Noelle progress from one milestone to the next! And being able to chat with other moms is awesome, it's nice to meet others who know what it's like to have a preemie!

But how much is this going to cost me?

The better question is, how much is this going to SAVE you?

Money Down The Drain

 Gas to Hospital/Clinic - $10 per class

Babysitter - $20 per class

Clean Clothes - $50?

"Other" Classes - $25-$50 per class!

Jumperoo - $80-$130!!

MamaRoo - $250!!!


A Great Investment in Your Baby's Future!

2-Class Trial Run* - $27

8-Class Punch Card - $97

16-Class Punch Card - $167

Bonding with other preemie moms - Priceless!

Your child's health/wellness - Priceless!

Your confidence and sanity - Priceless!


*The $27 for the 2-class trial run can be turned into credit toward your purchase of any class packages!

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